The Upper Hérault, Between Mountains and Plateaus

While the Hérault department is renowned for its coastline, don't miss out on exploring the hinterland and its magnificent landscapes. Take advantage of your stay at the Altéa campsite in Herault, in Vic-la-Gardiole to plan an excursion to the upper Hérault. It's an opportunity to take a deep breath of fresh air and appreciate an authentic territory.

Discovering the mountains of Languedoc

To the east of the Hérault department, the Cévennes offer you fabulous landscapes, shaped by agriculture and pastoralism. Behind these reliefs stands the imposing Seranne mountain with its circus, cornices, and vast expanses of garrigue. The Grands Causses, especially those of the Larzac, are made of grasslands and dry stone walls: these limestone plateaus formed in the Jurassic era were under water, today you can find shells and other fossils, much to the delight of your children.

Further west, beyond the Monts d'Orb, approach the mountains of the Haut-Languedoc. Espinousse is the roof of Hérault. This summit is part of a massif that is sometimes wooded, sometimes rocky, a perfect illustration of the climatic border between the influence of the Mediterranean and that of the Atlantic.

You are going to fall in love with the mountains of Languedoc. From their summits, you will be amazed, and you will have only one desire, to return for your next vacation.

Haut de l'Herault

Outdoor Activities in the Upper Hérault

The Upper Hérault is a paradise for nature lovers and outdoor enthusiasts. Numerous hiking and biking trails, including the famous PassaPaïs, a 75 km greenway, allow you to traverse this mid-mountain range of Languedoc. There are marked paths for all levels, an opportunity to enjoy beautiful walks in the heart of unspoiled nature and discover picturesque villages. Climbing enthusiasts will also find their bliss, with a wide variety of cliffs that enjoy generous sunlight.

If you prefer water activities, try canyoning in the Hérault gorges or south of the Cévennes. The torrents and waterfalls are waiting for you. You can also engage in canoe-kayaking to challenge, alone, with family or friends, the rapids of refreshing rivers.

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