What accessories should you take with you on your camping holiday?

To make the most of your holiday, you need to prepare for your camping trip. Discover the list of accessories and equipment you need for your trip. At the Altéa campsite in Vic-la-Gardiole, Hérault, you can travel light thanks to the facilities and equipment available on site.

What should you pack for your camping holiday?

Include in your list the equipment and accessories appropriate for your holiday activities. For hiking, for example, you'll need a hat, walking shoes and a rucksack to carry your essentials (snacks, water bottle, first aid kit, etc.). For seaside holidays, you'll need swimwear, sunglasses, beach towels, creams and a beach bag to hold them.

Prepare your travel bag according to the location of your campsite on the map. For example, if you're going on a trip to the countryside, you'll need to pack the products you need (medicines, special foodstuffs, etc.), but which may not be available there. The list of clothes to take with you to the Hérault (Mediterranean sunshine) is not the same as the list of clothes to take with you to the Hautes-Alpes (mountain cold).

If you are renting a camping accommodation (mobile home, chalet, cottage, etc.), your travel bag will be lighter, as bathroom linen and bedding (sheets, blankets, pillows) are provided. If you choose to stay in a tent, van or camper van (for a road-trip), you will need to bring your own bed linen and bath towels.

Your checklist

Before you leave on your trip, make a list of the equipment and facilities provided by the campsite. This will prevent you from weighing down your luggage with accessories offered on site. You'll also avoid forgetting essential items.

Clothing to go

Pack the essentials in your travel bag: underwear, a pair of socks and clothes suited to the destination (shorts and t-shirts if you're at the beach, a windbreaker if you're in the mountains, a jumper for chilly evenings...).

Bring your own camping equipment

If you're sleeping in a tent, you'll need some equipment: tent, pegs, pegs, poles, ropes, groundsheet, sleeping accessories, kitchen equipment, bin bag. You'll find all the equipment you need on Amazon or in a specialist shop. If you're going on a road trip, your van or motorhome will serve as a shelter, but you'll need camping equipment. If you hire a mobile home, you won't need to take much with you, as you'll have comfortable, fully-equipped accommodation.


When you arrive at the campsite, you will be asked for your identity papers and the registration number of your van/car.

Toiletry and care kit

When travelling, you should always bring your own toiletries kit. This kit should contain toilet essentials (toothbrush, toothpaste, comb, cotton bud, nail clipper, deodorant, soap, shampoo, body lotion, toilet paper, bath towel, flannel, etc.).


For activities such as mountain biking, kayaking or rafting, equipment and gear can be hired at your travel destination. If you want to buy equipment such as a cycle helmet or surfboard, you can buy them on Amazon or in a sports shop.

A camping holiday is a great way to get away from it all and enjoy some unique experiences. At the Altéa campsite, you'll be staying in a lush green setting on the water's edge. The campsite offers air-conditioned, heated accommodation with hot water. All you need is your clothes and personal belongings in your bag. You can also rent a pitch for those staying in a tent or on a road-trip in a van or camper van.

The establishment has a bar-restaurant offering simple, refined à la carte menus. It also offers regional à la carte meals. The estate has a wide range of leisure facilities, including a heated swimming pool, playgrounds and multi-sports pitches. Everything is accessible to guests, including those who hire a pitch for a tent.

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